Name and Purpose

We constitute ourselves as the MARS Astronomy Club,wishing to secure the fellowship, pleasures, and benefits of an association with persons commonly interested in astronomy. We hereby enact these Bylaws to help govern our club. The specific purpose for which this group is organized is to promote the science of astronomy by:

  1. Providing opportunities for the local community to learn about and become interested in astronomy, such as, but not limited to, astronomy lectures, demonstrations, and sky observing events
  2. Making astronomy in general more accessible and visible to the general public, through public and media outreach; and
  3. Providing opportunities, at low cost, for its general membership to learn and improve skills related to amateur astronomy, such as, but not limited to, sky observing, amateur scientific research, and the selection, construction, and use of astronomical equipment.


Membership in this club will be open to anyone with an interest in astronomy. A "member in good standing" is one who is up to date in the payment of their dues. The "general membership" will consist of all members in good standing. Family memberships are available for households with multiple members. The amount of dues will be 50% higher than single memberships. Family memberships will receive 2 votes in all club decisions. Everyone in the household will be eligible for all other club benefits.

Management of the Club

The affairs and business of the club shall be conducted and managed by a Board of Directors. The Board will include the following elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom will be elected annually by the general membership. All elected officers and directors shall be members in good standing for the year in which they will hold office. Each officer is responsible for the accomplishment of the duties defined herein.

Additional Board members will include three (3) directors, elected annually along with the slate of four (4) officers by the general membership. The Board may appropriate up to TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars ($250) per expenditure for club business. Larger expenditures will be voted on by the general membership.


Elections shall be held once a year, at the December meeting. The President shall appoint a nominating committee, consisting of two members from the Board of Directors and one from the general membership, to meet during the month of October and present a slate of officers and directors at the November meeting. Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at that time, and also at the December meeting immediately prior to the election. Terms of office shall be for one year, with the restriction of three consecutive years limitation for re-election to each individual office.


These Bylaws may be amended or changed at any meeting where a quorum is present, on a motion by a member in good standing, which is seconded, and then passed by a 2/3 majority of all members present.


"Meetings" shall mean regularly scheduled club meetings each month at a date and location designated by the general membership. When desired at the beginning of a meeting, Roberts Rules of order may be requested and followed if desired by a majority of members present.


A "quorum" shall consist of at least 25 per cent of the members in good standing (including one officer.) A vote taken during a meeting will be binding on the club only if a majority of members present approves the motion.


The President shall preside at all club meetings and shall see that all club business is conducted in a manner that is consistent with these Bylaws. Whenever necessary, the President shall create committees and appoint chairpersons who will thereupon recruit committee members to assist them in adequately conducting club activities. All chairpersons are responsible to the President.

Vice Preseident

The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in the President's absence. Additional responsibilities for the Vice President will include scheduling club programs for monthly meetings and arranging speakers on the various program subjects.


The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, the accurate recording of all motions and official actions taken at all meetings, and for keeping up to date all membership records, club property records, and all other important club documents.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of all club moneys authorized by the general membership or the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall keep up-to-date and accurate, complete, and comprehensive records.


Standing committees will consist of:


Responsible for maintaining a list of paid members and assisting the treasurer in the collection of dues.

Astronomy day

Coordinate with MOSI to support annual Astronomy Day activities.

News Letter

Gather articles and other items of interest from the members and from other places to publish a monthly news letter for the club which will be used as a reminder for the upcoming meetings.


Catalog and maintain the library collection of the club.