Why Join?

Membership has it's perks. You will be enrolled in the Astronomical League. You will receive their quarterly magazine and be entitled to receive observing club awards You'll have access to an extensive library of astronomy and space related literature, the ability to vote on all club decisions, notice of future astronomical observering opportunities, free admission to the annual Star Party, and a discount for dinner at the annual meeting in December. Most important, you will help contribute to the maintance of this club. With your contribution you will allow us to continue educating inquring minds and raise awarness for posterity. Science and space exploration are important. Lets stir up some interest!

  • Voting

    As long as you are up to date on your membership fees you have the right to vote in all club decisions. With a family mebership you will receive two votes. Click here to see a list of our curent club leadership.

  • Observation

    Most new members are interested in one thing. Viewing the night sky in all its glory. Come out with us and you might learn a thing or two. Click here to learn more.

Not sure if membership is what you want? Come out and join us anway. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself in expert in astronomy or know next to nothing. We cater to everyone. Show up to a meeting, introduce yourself, ask us questions and meet some new people. We'd love to have you and it won't cost you a dime.

[Right click to download application]

If you are interested in joining MARS, you will need to complete and return this Membership Application to the Membership Chairman. The annual dues are $27.50 for an individual membership, and $37.50 for family membership.

Not sure about joining? Come out and meet with us anyway. You don't need to pay anything to attend and we'd love to have you.

Club ByLaws

We constitute ourselves as the MARS Astronomy Club,wishing to secure the fellowship, pleasures, and benefits of an association with persons commonly interested in astronomy. We hereby enact these Bylaws to help govern our club. The specific purpose for which this group is organized is to promote the science of astronomy by...
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Club Information

  • Deni Schwibert


  • Joe Reichle

    Vice President

  • Jennifer Garner


  • Teri Sears


  • Letitial Haynes


  • Dennis Farr


  • Brian Buttafuoco

  • Director

  • MARS Meetup MARS Meetup